Zoran Melovski  

Mr. Zoran Melovski is a Cyprus-based lawyer who has already acted as a Director of RC2’s two Cyprus subsidiaries, RC2 (Cyprus) Limited and Glasro Holdings Limited, and also sits on the board of The Romanian Investment Fund (Cyprus) Limited, where RC2 has an indirect shareholding. Prior to joining the board of RC2’s Cyprus companies, Zoran was responsible for all the in-house legal work for East Point Holdings Limited, a Cyprus-based holding company with extensive operations in agribusiness, shipping, and metal processing. Zoran Melovski trained as a lawyer at the University of Belgrade and is a Serbian and Cypriot citizen.


Paolo Bassetti   

Mr. Paolo Bassetti is a specialist in industrial development, restructuring and mergers and acquisitions, with extensive experience in Latin America and Europe (including Romania). He worked for the Techint Group for 26 years, where he was involved in a number of industrial development operations and internal organizational restructurings, including in Brazil where he was responsible for the licensing of a five million ton steel project in Rio de Janiero and where he acted as the President of Ternium, and in Romania where he was responsible for the Group’s acquisition and restructuring of two Romanian industrial pipe producers, Silcotub and Donasid. He was educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the London School of Economics and the University of Bologna, and is an Italian citizen.